Wednesday, March 06, 2019

Doug Stokes: "Forget About Decolonizing The Curriculum; We Need To Resore The West's Telos Before It's Too Late"

Of course I'm generally sympathetic to this.
Rational, objective self-criticism is good. When I was a kid, it was fairly obvious that the right tended to be insufficiently critical of the West and the USA. Unfortunately, the left's criticisms tend to not be rational, largely because they're grounded in crap pseudophilosophy. And they tend to be neither objective nor productive, largely because they don't even aim to be. much of the intellectual left simply took up the position opposite the right: instead of mindlessly defending America and the West, they mindlessly deride and lambast them. They're not motivated by the pursuit of objectivity--something they commonly don't believe in--but by hatred and a desire to destroy. They're fairly open about their vitriolic opposition to the West, the Enlightenment, science, the US, capitalism and the rest. They don't really make any secret of it...


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