Saturday, March 16, 2019

Carolina 73 - Duke 74

Good game by both the Heels and the Devils. Really fun, exciting hoops. Not the Heels' night, obviously. A bad shooting night, especially from 3, and some unlucky bounces at the end of the game. But even on a somewhat off night, the game came down to a coin hard to complain. A slightly softer tip by Nas, or another second on the clock for Cam's put-back, and the outcome is different. But, hey, that's hoops. We had our chances.
   And another thing: this is just about the least-hateable Duke team I can remember. No tripping, very little flopping and whining...big improvement, and props to 'em for it. 
   Too bad we don't get another game with UVA...I love me some Heels-Hoos.
   I can't believe how good we are with such a small frontcourt. I'm not a big fan of living by the 3...or, as in this game, dying by it...but it's been fun for a year. We could make some noise in the tournament.


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