Wednesday, March 06, 2019

AOC FEC Violations?: Because We Don't Defeat Ideas Anymore, We Target People

No idea whether she's guilty, of course. But I don't want her to be. She seems ok as a person. And I'm sick of this way of doing politics. Needless to say--if she's guilty she's guilty. But it won't bring me happiness. The FEC ex machina won't straighten hipsters out about socialism. It won't make the scales fall from people's eyes about the green new deal. Even if it did this time, it probably won't next time. At some point it's going to be up to us to figure things out like grownups.
   I kinda feel the same about Trump...except that he's a known conman, of course. But with respect to collusion: Jesus, you can't beat this guy's ideas? You're pinning your hopes on this weird, fetishistic hope you have that secretly, behind the scenes he's even worse than he seems to be? That he's back there rubbing his hands together and explicitly plotting to advance the cause of ee-vil? He's not bad enough for you the way he actually is??? You've got to indulge your weird fantasies about your political opponents being Satanic?
   blah blah blah


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