Tuesday, January 22, 2019

SCOTUS Allows Trump's Trangender Military Ban To Take Effect

I don't have any particular view of this. If someone can do the job and doesn't foul up the works, then I'm for letting them do it. I really think this decision should be up to the military. Of course, if you're male you're male, and no current technology can change that--and if you're female you're female. It's hard to believe that a guy who systematically represents himself as a woman wouldn't cause problems. But possibly not. I'm also against public money going for elective medical treatment...so we shouldn't have to pay for so-called "transition" treatments. But that shouldn't deter someone who really wants to go into the military.
   Anyway, my view's the same on this as it's always been: maximize personal freedom, but don't grant special rights, and absolutely don't go along with crackpot theories about secret, unobservable, interior mental sexes (or "genders"). But if you can do the job and the military wants you, then it's win-win.


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