Thursday, January 24, 2019

Kevin D. Williamson: "Crisis Of Citizenship"

This is pretty damn good.
   Everybody who has pretended like that smirk tells us something serious about the state of the world is a liar and a fraud. I don’t mean the people who were legitimately taken in by the deceit — especially those who have had the honor and self-respect to admit their errors and correct them — but those who willfully persist in the lie. I’m talking about you, Ruth Graham of Slate, still trying to justify by whatever pathetic means are available what everybody with any sense knows to have been an exercise in pure horses***. I’m talking about you, editors of the New York Times. You sorry specimens are poor excuses for journalists, which, of course, we already knew. What’s more relevant here is that you are bad citizens. Trafficking in lies and distortions because you think the guy in the White House is kind of gross is unworthy of adults with responsible positions in a free society that depends on honest and functional institutions.
   As some of you may recall, I wrote a little book called The Case against Trump. I didn’t think much of him in 2016. I don’t think much of him now. But we aren’t three tweets away from the Holocaust. Nobody seriously believes that we are, unless they are insane. Sane people who insist that the United States in 2019 is something like Germany in the 1930s are liars. They don’t really believe it. They have an investment in hysteria.
   If they believed it, they'd get out. Or assassinate Trump. (Actually, few on the progressive left strike me as the kind to have the balls to assassinate a Hitler...but I could be wrong.) But they don't. They stay, and the tweet, and they bitch. Because there's no similarity whatsoever between now and then.
   We must not be enemies, it's true. But something's gone very, very wrong with the progressive left. It's flipped its shit. And it needs to unflip it--soon and bigly.


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