Thursday, January 31, 2019

Jussie Smolette's Manager Corroborates Hate-Crime Account; Smollett Refuses To Turn Phone Over To Police

Well, both Smollett and his manager claim they were talking on the phone when the attack began, and his manager claims to have heard it, including the "MAGA country" comments. So that's evidence against my--super-duper confident--claims of hoaxery.
   OTOH, Smollett has refused to let the police check out his phone. That suggests evasiveness. That's evidence for my conclusion.
   The manager's story seems to indicate that Smollett kept the phone in hand and the call continued throughout the attack, even while he was having cord wrapped around his be the judge...
   Obviously Smollett's story could be true--nobody denies that. My claim, however is that it is so absurdly improbable that no one should think it's true without evidence beyond his say-so. His manager's agreement is some evidence...but it's insufficient to make such an improbable tale probable. There is no justification for progressives reacting as they've reacted. Even if his story turns out to be true, no one should have believed it without more evidence. According to me, skepticism is the only rational response.
   But, of course, that sort of thing is easy to say. The real proof of the pudding is in the testing/outcome.


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