Sunday, January 20, 2019

Daniel McCarthy: "The Progressive Media Doesn't Care What Really Happened When It Has White Boys In MAGA Hats To Hate"

The teen is not smirking in this clip, and Phillips has an entourage with cameras. One of the Native activists argues with a Covington teen, who argues back. This and other clips have shown the Indian activists racially taunting the teens, saying things like ‘go back to Europe.’ Phillips has claimed that the teens were chanting ‘build the wall!,’ but that isn’t in any of the videos that circulated Saturday. Based on what can actually be seen and heard, it’s looks as if Phillips and his crew sought out Catholic teenagers and tried to make them uncomfortable.
Don't miss the bit where Reza Aslan, CNN "blatherskite," muses about the punchability of the Catholic teenagers...


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