Thursday, January 31, 2019

Daily Beast: "What 'Empire' Star Jussie Smollette's Attack Reveals About Hate Crime In America" (That It's Largely Hoaxes?)

Ok look.
First, this is obviously yet another hate-crime hoax. I bent over backwards to give the story the benefit of the doubt when it first came out. I mean, if something like that were real, it'd obviously be terrible. Also, stranger things have happened. Also, though the left can mint a million of these things and cry "wolf" a million times, one misstep in the other direction and your a racist, Jack.
   But, of course, the usual suspects have gone into virtue-signal hyperdrive, and are, also, spewing the usual sorts of claims that this is because of Trump, that "It's just another day in America," and all that sort of rot.
   The Daily Beast is on about how this tells us important things about hate-crime in actually kinda does...because it's fake... I've long said that I think the left's penchant for minting these things and then whipping itself into a frenzy over them is instructive. Also, the DB is on about how some evil "far-right" types are evilly trying make this out to be a hoax!!! Can you believe that?!
   Crazy thing one apparently has to say now: many hate-crimes are real. The majority of reported ones, I'd think. Which isn't terribly relevant...but we live in weird times...
   Obviously it's possible that this is for real. But it isn't. There were not two dudes in MAGA hats walking around at 2am, in -20-degree weather, with clothesline and bleach who recognized this actor from a show they don't watch and decided not only to attack him but to wrap clothesline around his neck and then announce that they were Trump-supporters. That didn't happen. And anyone should be able to see that it didn't happen. At least you need to have a good enough bullshit-detector to recognize that it is probably not true.
   Furthermore, apparently Mr. Smollett still had the clothesline wrapped around his neck when the police arrived 45 minutes later. Also, he neglected to tell the cops about the "This is MAGA-country!" line. The cops are said to have learned about this allegation on social media, and to have had to contact Smollett again to confirm that he was making that claim. Also: you know how hard it would be to wrap clothesline around someone's neck in a fight? Even two-on-one, that is probably not going to happen.
   If I could bet, say, $1,000 at even odds that this is false, I'd jump at the chance. And I'm not a bettin' man. In fact, I'd likely bet more than that.
   So this'll be yet another glaring incident in, what, the past two weeks? That there's something badly amiss on the left. First they leaped for the almost-entirely-unsubstantiated Cohen story. Then they viciously attacked the Covington kids on the basis of doctored evidence...then refused to recognize/admit error when the complete video showed that they were completely and totally wrong. And now this.
   Did I leave anything out?
   It also should go without saying that the right has its own problems. Lord, it does. Like electing Donald Trump president. And letting him run amok. And abusing power by misusing institutional power and playing hardball in such a way that, were the Dems to do it too, the system might very well collapse. Don't get me started. But this shouldn't have to be said. There's something wrong with the public, collective mind of contemporary progressivism. And the remaining sensible liberals need to take that seriously.


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