Sunday, January 20, 2019

Climate Hysteria: "Raising My Child In A Doomed World"

So...I'm totally convinced beyond any shadow of a doubt that we are all doomed...but I had a kid anyway.
Then you probably don't actually believe what you say you believe.
Also this psychopathy:
Take the widely cited 2017 research letter by the geographer Seth Wynes and the environmental scientist Kimberly Nicholas, which argues that the most effective steps any of us can take to decrease carbon emissions are to eat a plant-based diet, avoid flying, live car free and have one fewer child — the last having the most significant impact by far. Wynes and Nicholas argue for teaching these values in high school, thus transforming society through education.
Hey, kids! It's indoctrination time!
Honestly...the left has lost its mind. I'm going to go book a flight first-class so I can eat a steak Maybe I'll buy a bigger car and think about having a kid, too.
Seriously, I'm basically done with the left. I skipped right over conservative and just became anti-progressive.


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