Thursday, January 24, 2019

Caitlyn Flanagan: The Media Botched The Covington Catholic Story (And The Damage To Their Credibility Will Be Lasting)

Contains a completely description of the events, in order.
   It's disappointing that Flanagan inserts a paragraph toward the end that includes some negative--and false--things about these and unrelated Covington kids. She claims that there's a clip of some of them "harassing" a woman, but if that's the one I've seen, the video shows no harassment, just the last ten seconds of some kind of argument. The claim about "black face" is false--it's a decade-old picture of a blackout basketball game. There is the matter of the "tomahawk chop" in response to harassment by Phillips and company--so they get a few demerits for that.
   One thing Flanagan doesn't discuss is that, after the Covington kids turn away from their own primary harassers (the "Black Hebrew Israelites"), they start doing school cheers, and one of them included the beginning of "Seven Nation Army." That could have easily been what provoked Phillips and company...and it could even have been intentional. That's actually something worth asking. It won't change the fact that the media showed its extreme leftward bias yet again...nor would it change the fact that the left yet again demonstrated its ostentatious whackery. But it could end up being an interesting and important plot twist.


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