Sunday, January 27, 2019

"16-year-old who sparked climate change protests across Europe delivers striking message to global elites"

The Hill could use some headline-writers, too...
The girl's a bit nutty, but I think she's right in a sense: if you believe the progressive story about anthropogenic global warming, you should be panicked. What's to disagree with there? If it has been conclusively proven that humanity is about to be destroyed unless we cut carbon emissions in half (or whatever it is)...then what are we waiting for?
   Progressives, for their part, should be trading all their other political goals for reduced carbon emissions. They should be telling conservatives that they'll give them anything they want in exchange for cutting carbon. Instead, they haven't dropped a single other political goal. They stick universal health care and "free" college into the "green new deal." They still oppose nuclear. Why aren't they, say, diverting money from the National Endowment for the Arts to ARPA-E?
   Imagine how a group of people would act if they genuinely believed that, say, a planet-killing asteroid had been conclusively proven to be on a trajectory for Earth, and that only an all-out effort to stop it had any chance of succeeding. That is not how progressives are behaving with respect to AGW.
   What am I missing?


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