Saturday, December 08, 2018

Yet Another Academic Dogpiling: Noah Carl Edition

Apparently Carl is a racist who racistly argued racistly that research on race, IQ and genetics should be discussed honestly by scientists. The racistness of this racist racism is clear, is it not?
   [Insert standard rant about neo-Lysenkoism here.]
   The case of transgenderism is a bit clearer, and more obvious because it's been shoved into actual policy debates, and is being used to implement actual totalitarian policies that affect ordinary people...but the multi-pronged PC attack on this front is nearly as clear. It's nuts and, IMO, eminently worth reading about. In order to avoid unpleasant conclusions about race and IQ, the PCs have basically been willing to (a) outright deny clear scientific evidence, (b) brand anyone who isn't willing to deny clear scientific evidence racist, (c) argue that the very idea of IQ (and, perhaps, the very idea of intelligence) is unscientific, (d) argue that races are fictions or social creations (or, inconsistently, both). That mean that, in order to avoid one, single politically incorrect conclusion, they're willing to push anti-rationalism and weird metaphysics deep into major aspects of science. IMO you should be very alarmed by this.
   And, though I tend to think this point shouldn't even be raised: they do this all on the basis of a defective belief to the effect that we all must be equal, on average, and as a matter of fact, in order to be morally equal / of equal moral worth. Which means that they're committed to a theory that makes our moral equality a contingent matter of fact. So we just have to sit around hoping that we're all morally equal. Except, of course, what we're really obligated to do is: suppress any evidence to the contrary. And brand anyone who thinks honestly about the subject a heretic/racist/witch.
   It worries me that people aren't more worried about this.


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