Sunday, December 30, 2018

Williamson On The Antifa Blackshirts Running Amok In Portland

One funny bit:
Madeleine Kearns: Is Donald Trump — in rhetoric or in deed — partly to blame?
Kevin D. Williamson: The Israelites had their golden calf. We have our golden toilet. Donald Trump is to blame for Donald Trump. That’s enough for any one man to bear.
Also, a bit that confirms one of my basic fears:
In Portland, the blackshirts aren’t a tiny schismatic fashion. There were Democratic-campaign staffers standing out in front of Democratic-campaign events on Election Night chanting along with them.
I'm currently more concerned about the insane left than I am about the insane right, largely because the former is tolerated and even advocated by the relatively-more-mainstream left, including basically all elements of the cultural superstructure, whereas the latter causes a complete freak out if it dares raise its head at all. Imagine right-wing thugs routinely taking over public spaces in a major American city, attacking innocent liberals. Just imagine for a second or two what the headlines would look like on CNN, the Washington Post, and the NYT.
   Of course the psycho right could surprise us. Maybe it's just keeping its powder dry. But I doubt it.
   Anyway, we don't have to choose between fretting about the psycho left and fretting about the psycho right. They're not mutually exclusive. But I think it'd be, currently, a bit foolish to split one's fretting up equally between those two groups.


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