Friday, December 14, 2018

These Truths Jill Lepore

This book has blown me away from basically the first sentence:
I started reading it last night as a kindle sample, and was so blown away that I bought the audible version this morning and have been listening to it off and on. Lepore herself reads it, and I it's...thus far...just fantastic. This is the first single-volume history of the U.S. I've read in a long time (does listening to it count as reading it?). Lepore's prose is fantastic and the tone she strikes is painfully apt and moving. It's still early...I could be disappointed. I'd almost have to be: It's unlikely to live up to the promise of the first chapter. I haven't gotten to anything substantive that I know enough about to disagree with I really shouldn't gush. It's the tone / orientation that's gripped me thus far. But, damn--gripping it is. This one hooked me from the get-go. 
   Anyway: check out a Kindle sample and see if I'm wrong. 


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