Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Some Progressives Not Happy About The Possibility Their Ticket Will Be "All White Guys"

e.g. Gillibrand.
Look, I'm as fed up with the weird, pervasive, "reverse" racism of progressivism as anybody. Their We hate (straight) white guys shtick has gone from amusing to tedious to pathological.
But you do have to admit, we really, objectively have had a lot of white guys for president.
At some point it becomes a little weird...
Which is not to say that I'm going soft on the weird, pervasive, "reverse" racism of progressivism...'cause I ain't.
But even a perfectly reasonable / non-progressive person might think: Hey, what a surprise...all white guys again! What're the odds?
What if the Dems run Biden/Beto (saints preserve us...)...and the Pubs run, oh, say...Condoleezza Rice? Jeez, talk about win-win. Rice might just straighten out the Pubs and keep the Dems out of office. Be still my foolish imagination...
(Also: Rice did try to warn us about Russia...and we all on the left laughed and laughed...)
In actual fact, we'll probably end up with, like, Kamala Harris and Michael Avenatti vs. a new, improved (?) Trump ticket featuring VP candidate The Mooch.
C'mon...you know you miss the Mooch as much as I do.


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