Sunday, December 30, 2018

"2018 The Year Of The Woman, In 5 Powerful Quotes"

Wow, this is embarrassing.
And I'm a dude.
If I were a woman, it would make me want to crawl under a rock.
   I mean, the stuff about discrimination after pregnancy could be true--I have no idea. So that's something.
   Somehow Christine Blasey Ford makes an appearance. Because feelz > reelz, I suppose.
   And as for the public urinals...well, that's f*cking disgusting. They should have vandalized them because they're gross, not because they're allegedly sexist. And what it has to do with "#MeToo" #GodKnows. Though, if Parisian men really are peeing in the streets so much that these urinals seemed like a good idea, then they are, indeed, disgusting pigs.
   The final section makes no sense at all--and the quote isn't even from a woman.
   Behold, the absolute state of the NYT.


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