Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Third Kavanaugh Accuser

Three is hard to explain away.
  The first one didn't seem particularly credible to me. The second one sounded very credible. This one not..but I have no earthly clue what to think at this point, really. On the one hand, I think that there are a lot of guys who are psychopaths. On the other hand, I think there are a lot of women who are complete lunatics with virtually no contact with reality. Women live in hope that they won't end up in the wrong place with the wrong psychopath at the wrong time. Men live in hope that they won't cross the wrong lying nutcase at the wrong time. But crazy women are made even crazier by fame, and I expect that the more famous you are, the more likely you are to be targeted by one of them. And I have little doubt that one accusation makes a second more likely. some point we may just have to say we can't risk it. There are just a lot of false accusations of various kinds out there. That's the world. I don't think we should necessarily view Kavanaugh as a sex assailant...but we may have to say that we can't risk him on the court after three accusations. I'm not saying that's what we should do; I'm saying it's what we might have to do.
   OTOH, I'm still fairly strongly inclined to think: if you waited 30 years to make the accusation, well, you're free to make it, but we're free to not take it particularly seriously. In fact, I'm not sure we're free not to not take it particularly seriously.
   Fortunately, what I think doesn't matter, so I don't have to figure this out.


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