Sunday, September 30, 2018

Jonah Goldberg: "The Moral Panic Phase"

   First of all, is there any doubt in your mind that, if Kavanaugh had been coldly dispassionate, dismissive, and reserved, the Jen Rubins of the world would be screaming, “See! He’s an emotionless monster! He doesn’t even have the basic human decency to take offense at being called a rapist!”?
   Second, contrary to the tsunami of smug sorrowful opining, judges are not expected to be cold and dispassionate in the face of charges about themselves. That’s why they recuse themselves from cases in which they have personal interests.
When Jonah Goldberg is among the people making the most sense about...anything...well...I don't want to live in that world... But here we are...
   And don't miss: Kavanaugh being a virgin until after high school not only would not prove that he wasn't a would prove he was a rapist!!!!1111


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