Saturday, September 15, 2018

Heather Mac Donald: "How Colleges Teach Students To See Bias Where It Doesn't Exist"

To some extent, I blame postmodernism and the so-called "death of the author." Craziness among leftist activists is interwoven with craziness among leftist scholars. In fact, it's central to the PC left that there's no real distinction between the two. One central tenet of pomo is that all interpretations are equal. Thus you're free to claim that anything means anything; no interpretation, no matter how wacky, is better than any other, no matter how sober. Add to this the generic leftist tenet that politics gets to close any open gaps, and what you get is a view that says that everything can and should be interpreted in a way that advances leftist politics. And that means, among other things: interpreting everything that fails to so accord as racist, sexist, etc.
   Whether that's what's going on with the Coast Guard OK/"white power" dust-up...or whether that's a more garden-variety kind of PC nonsense, I dunno. I mean....of course it's not impossible that that guy is actually just a really, really incompetent Klansman or something...but if people had to bet actual money instead of just shooting their mouths off for free, a lot fewer people would be shrieking "racism!" I'd be willing to bet...oh...say a couple of hundred bucks that it was a Pepe-esque attempt at humor. Poor guy underestimated the craziness of the people he was trolling, unfortunately.


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