Monday, September 17, 2018

"Birth Certificates Have Always Been A Weapon For White Supremacists"

   The Trump administration’s decision to revive and expand the Bush and Obama-era practice of denying U.S. passports to Latinos born in South Texas should come as no surprise. From his assault on Barack Obama’s citizenship to his allegations that Mexican immigrants are criminals and rapists to his promise to institute a Muslim ban, Donald Trump has made it abundantly clear that he believes the only true Americans are white.
   But long before Trump rode to prominence promoting birtherism, birth certificates were an important instrument for policing the racial boundaries of citizenship. In the Jim Crow era, states used these seemingly innocuous public records to ensure that the rights of citizenship were accessible to white Americans — and no one else.
Trump has, of course, not said nor suggested any such thing. Also, the article is all about one dude from VA named Plecker. And, nutty asshole thought he apparently was...he was just one dude. And the phrase "the racial boundaries of citizenship" makes no f*cking sense. Also: note that she just breezes right over the fact that this is an expansion of a policy that Obama also apparently supported. So...was he "policing the racial boundaries of citizenship?" And none of that is even to mention that her description of the program is utter bullshit: "denying U.S. passports to Latinos born in South Texas..." That's so misleading as to be, basically, a lie. 
   The title is so insanely stupid and misleading, however, that I kinda gotta guess that it's that thing about authors not writing their own titles at work again.


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