Sunday, September 30, 2018

As Of Right Now, I Think There's Very Little Chance That Christine Blasey Ford Is Telling The Truth

My epistemic pendulum might swing back in the other direction by tomorrow, but, as of now, I have to say, I'd be very surprised to discover that she's telling the truth, and not at all surprised to find out that she isn't. She may not be lying--but I don't believe that what she's saying is true. Every place it's testable, it fails. Everyone but Ford who was supposed to be at that party either says it never happened or that they don't remember it. The only candidate entry for such a party on Kavanaugh's meticulous journal/calendar is inconsistent with Ford's testimony.
   Right now I am very strongly inclined to believe that she made it all up.
   I'm going on record here. Don't let me weasel out of this if I'm wrong. I'm not giving up on trying to rethink this...I'm definitely going to rethink it. But right now it seems clear as a bell to me...though such feelings are extremely impressionistic.


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