Tuesday, July 03, 2018

"Seeking A Scientific Explanation For Trans Identity Could Do More Harm Than Good"

This is more pro-"trans" propaganda, hence, unsurprisingly, it's less than great. But it's true that alleged biological accounts/explanations of transgenderism haven't been very good. And my guess is that they're unlikely ever to pan out. Because we're probably not talking about a biological phenomenon--but political correctness means never having to bow to hegemonic phallogocentric white Western male science... So the conclusion of this piece is, in effect: whelp, looks like science can't do everything!:
Both good science and good advocacy [1] dictate that we’re better off acknowledging what we don’t know about ourselves than than overstating what we do.[2] It doesn’t help the LGBTQ community to fixate on what we might learn, if only we could scan the right brains or pinpoint the right genes. [3] Trying to locate a single biological origin can only blind us to the vibrancy and diversity of real trans lives. [4] If we trust the volume of the frontal cortex over what a person tells us about themselves, we deny them their autonomy and their humanity. [5]Those who really want to advance the cause [6] should start by believing trans people when they speak up about who they are. [7]
[1] Screw "advocacy." This is a scientific (broadly construed) question.
[2] Agreed, but you can't keep using appeals to ignorance when your arguments don't work out. If brain scans were producing the results trans ideology wanted, we wouldn't be seeing articles like this.
[3] Ok, but the goal is to find the truth, not "help the LGBTQ community."
[4] Not necessarily. Why would it do such a thing? Also: not very relevant. Again: the goal is to find the truth. And that has nothing to do with promoting "the vibrancy and diversity of real trans lives."
[5] Utterly false. Denying that men who pretend to be women are women (or vice-versa) denies no one their humanity--no one, anywhere, is saying that they aren't human. And this isn't a matter of autonomy any more than race or height is. If I lie about my height and you refuse to play along, you aren't "denying my autonomy." You're sticking to the facts.
[6] I'm gonna stop you right there...that's not--or shouldn't be--the goal. One of the reasons this stuff is all so insane is that it refuses to separate non-political facts and inquiry from political advocacy.
[7] Ok, but that's decidedly not the case for those who want to know the truth. Basically if you want to advance any cause you might just believe whatever its advocates tell you. But if you want to know the truth, that's just about the worst possible course of action.


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