Saturday, July 07, 2018

Salon: "Did The Trump Administration Send A Coded Message To Neo-Nazis? Maybe Not--But Is That Reassuring?"

Is a front for anti-American activities directed by an alliance of China, ISIS and Hydra?
Maybe not but...etc. etc...
But still. This is Farrakhan levels of numerological crackpottery.
You also may be interested to know that:
When there is no low beneath which a president and his administration will not sink, and no rule or norm which he, his allies and his supporters will not break, almost anything is possible.
How that's relevant to the Trump administration, I'm not sure. Trump sucks, it's true. But to say that "there is no low beneath which..." etc. means that he'd be willing to engage in murder, torture, "ethnic cleansing," name it.
   I guess you could say that this is no worse than Birtherism. Though birtherism never really affected much beyond the Left Behind wing of the right, did it? I mean...y'know...except for Trump...
   My favorite bit, of course is that Salon's answer is "maybe not." I mean, honestly. It's not a serious "publication" (does it count as a publication?)...but people on the left do read it and cite it.
   Eh. Point and laugh and move on, I reckon...but man...these people really have lost their shit.


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