Wednesday, July 04, 2018

LSAT Adopts 12 Different "Gender" "Identity" Options

Aside from the many other ridiculous things about this sort of nonsense:
* 'Gender' is now basically meaningless. (Worse, it sort of flip-flops back-and-forth between meaning sex and meaning something other than sex IDK what.)
* Not many of these are "genders" on any reasonable construal of the term. 'Man' and 'woman' aren't, certainly, nor any "trans" variations thereof. The closest thing to a gender in that list is probably 'androgyne'.
And 'gender'--if it's distinguished from sex--is irrelevant to the LSAT anyway. What the LSAT needs to know is your bloody sex: are you male or female? The LSAT folks have no reason in the world to care about your "gender."
The current approach to this stuff is a joke. Either say 'sex'--which is what you ought to care about for the purposes of making sure someone is who they say they are--or, if you insist on talking about "gender," settle on a reasonable, fixed meaning for the term.
It's almost unbelievable how stupid this stuff is.


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