Friday, July 06, 2018

Andrew Sullivan Is Right On Target: "Obama's Legacy Has Already Been Destroyed"

I think Sullivan is almost exactly right about this.
   He gets a few things wrong--e.g. that racial essentialism is somehow in play, for example, or that it's a bad thing. That's some kind of popomo left myth. I mean...they don't understand what essentialism is...but they really hate it. (Actually, what they hate is realism, not essentialism...but they're not exactly the sharpest tools in the shed, philosophically speaking...) And he suggests (e.g. by putting "white" in scare quotes) that races are fictions (e.g. "social constructs"). He seemed to pick that stuff up after his dust-up with Ta-Nahisi Coates...who has no earthly idea what he's talking about when it comes to "social construction"... But the left viciously dogpiles anyone with the temerity to disagree with Coates, and even Sullivan didn't have the wherewithal to stand up to that onslaught. Thousands of Coates-worshipping lefties screaming that you're a racist...extremely unpleasant, I'm sure.
   He's also wrong that Trump is entirely responsible for goading the left into craziness--though he may not have intended to suggest that. The crazy left was super-crazy long before Trump came onto the political scene. In fact, it was being the only candidate with the balls to stand up to political correctness that got Trump his initial impetus. And he deserved it. (Though...he does, of course, have a rather overly-expansive conception of PC.)
   But I don't mean to quibble. Sullivan's right on target. The right--Trump--has shredded Obama's legacy on the policy side, and the left has shredded his legacy on the vision side. A pox on both their goddamn houses.
   Damn it...for all his mistakes, we were fortunate to have Obama. It's all just such a tragedy. Though it's possible that his legacy is more resilient than Sullivan recognizes...things certainly don't look good for it. Which means: things don't look particularly good for America.


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