Tuesday, July 17, 2018

3,251 False Claims In 497 Days?

Not really, of course. Fact Checker is not the greatest fact-checker. It more than occasionally spins and nips and tucks. (Though it misses the mark in both directions at least sometimes...so that's something.) But say the number is half that (note: it's way more than half that). Half that is some shit, lemme tell ya. Half that would be an embarrassment to the republic in and of itself. Half that would be cause for very great concern of the this-is-not-merely-concern-it-is-actually-more-what-you'd-call-alarm variety.
   This, unfortunately, makes me ponder, again, a question I often pondered during the paleo-PC era: which is:
Which is worse?:
[A] Nominally honoring the truth but lying all the time
[B] Just throwing the whole idea of truth right out the damn window?
In all honesty, I do not have a very good answer to that question.
   Throwing out the idea of truth entirely is, as all the kids are saying these days...if these days are ca. 1999...cray-cray. SO cray-cray that nobody actually does it. Which is a mitigating consideration. The PC/SJ left deploys alethic nihilism when they're losing an argument. As in:

A: Whose turn is it to bring the kombucha to the antifa riot?
B: Yours.
A: No, Che said xze has a timestamped video of me bringing it last time.
B: What is truth?
They say it, but they don't believe it in the guides-your-actions sense of 'believe it.' The only believe it in the I-heard-it-in-women's-studies-class sense of 'believe it.'
   OTOH, Trump's buddies pay lip service to their reverence for the truth...but he lies like a rug and they're just fine with it. Which, incidentally...damnable consequences argument on the way...is one of the things that makes people cynical about truth. (Though it should really only make them cynical about claims of truth. But you can see why it might do more than that.
   Eh, everybody sucks and I hate them.


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