Friday, May 18, 2018

"Transgendered" Dude Sues Spa Because Muslim Woman Refuses to Wax His Junk

Oh, Canada...
   Hmmm....the outcome here is likely to turn on who it is that's higher in the "progressive stack" it: (a) a dude pretending to believe that he is a woman? Or (b) an actual Muslim woman?
   I'm gonna guess (a). Transgenderism seems to be job 1 on the left right now. They've been almost unbelievably successful; they don't want to blink now. Their success depends largely on projecting the illusion of total confidence. If the sheeple are given any inkling that there might be room to question the eternal and unquestionable verity that some men are women, the whole house of cards could come crashing down. I mean, hell, when you've got even The Daily Wire saying that this person is "a transgender woman," you've basically won a complete victory.
   So, anyway, that's my guess: "transgender" dudes beat Muslim women in this heat of the victimolympics.
   (And, of course, in actual fact: the Muslim woman is in the right here--as is the business she works for. She's just tryna do her job. There's not a damn thing wrong with saying that you'll rip the hair off of women's crotches, but not men's.)


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