Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Some "Trans Women" Don't "Identify" As Women

I posted this or something like it a long time ago.
   I don't like referring to it, because the arguments against "trans" ideology--e.g. the claim that "transwomen are women" are decisive without it. Furthermore: questions about how people "identify" are completely irrelevant to questions about what/who they actually are. Thinking so doesn't make it so. And thinking so doesn't make you so. The fact that some "trans" people don't buy into the mistake simply doesn't matter much. If you lean heavily on that fact, you're just buying into the mistake--you're supposing that people get the last word about who/what they are by fiat.
   However, the information in the piece is relevant if you don't have the kind of uptight scruples that I have about these arguments. Ad hominem: this information undermines transgender ideology by turning the bizarre arguments of the left against it.


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