Friday, May 04, 2018

Mandy Statmiller: "Sympathy For The Incel"

Wow, this is really interesting.
   First, I've somehow been oblivious to this van attack in Toronto, and to the conclusion that it was aimed at women and perpetrated by an incel. I kinda heard something about it, but it just didn't make it fully onto my radar. If true: Jesus Christ. Second, I've not paid much attention to incels. I've tended to be rather skeptical of all that men's rights / red pill sort of thing...even though I've been starting to suspect that it's not as crazy as I'd assumed. JQ sort of read a bit about it and concluded that there were a lot of crazies in it, but didn't look any farther into it.
   Anyway, that's a good article, and worth reading, I think. I do agree that the cultural superstructure is largely oblivious to the challenges faced by men. When things come into focus in a certain way, it certainly does seem as if the message is: women are good; men are bad; many men aim to harm women; all men benefit from this harm; if a man and a woman both do x, the woman's accomplishment is twice as impressive, since men have so many advantages; women deserve to be given advantages over men at every point in order to compensate for the illicit advantages that all men enjoy. And so on. All those themes are out there, anyway. I have no doubt that something like the opposite picture can come into focus pretty readily to women.
   The subject of the article was basically tortured in school, and some of his prime antagonists were apparently female. I have no doubt that sort of thing would stick with you. Contempt is powerful. Lots of teenagers are little psychopaths. Also, his only girlfriend abused him. Anyway...dude really has had a bad time of it, to say the least. His withdrawal from society is entirely understandable.
   Anyway: interesting read.


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