Thursday, May 10, 2018

AAUP Says Nebraska Denied Due Process To Grad Student Who Heckled Activist

   A couple of things:
   First, the AAUP can no longer be trusted. It's been converged. Their emails are now commonly full of PC lunacy. They rarely make a peep about the direct, pervasive, internal left-wing threats to academic freedom and freedom of expression; but they blow threats from the right fantastically out of proportion--oh no! Somebody made a list of liberal professors! To the barricades! Funny how violently shutting down conservative speakers is just differently expressing one's ideas...but merely publicizing the content of a professor's class is a grave threat to academic freedom... I've got a right mind to join again so that I can quit in a huff...
   Second, they (the AAUP) might, of course, very well be right about this one. We're not given enough information to tell. I don't actually know what the rules are like here. Do institutions normally consult the faculty senate about such things? I know that an adjunct at my school was fired forever on the basis of third-person, hearsay accusations about something he allegedly said. The accusation was made by members of a non-Christian religious minority. So far as we could tell, they were not investigated to any appreciable extent. The adjunct was simply told never to come back. Not that that case should serve as a paradigm of fair treatment, obviously...
   To know what to say about the Nebraska case, we'd have to read the relevant provisions of their faculty handbook...which, of course, we're not going to do. Hell, I don't even read our faculty handbook...
   At any rate, I discussed this case before. The grad student in question is an extremist tool and an idiot. But even tools and idiots deserve due process.

Honestly, the academy is a wreck. I honestly would have predicted that academicians would have been more resistant to groupthink. I now worry that they're actually more susceptible to it.


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