Thursday, February 22, 2018

Today's Dumbest Article Of All Time: Victoria Barrett: "Why I Will Never Carry A Gun In My Classroom"

Said, undoubtedly, in one of those breathy NPR voices:
   If this student had shown up with a weapon determined to harm us, what would my responsibility have been? Talk? De-escalate? Beg? Run? It seems clear that under any policy that arms teachers, it would be my responsibility to shoot my student dead. This creates more problems than it solves. If I miss or fail to fire, and he murders the other students, can their loved ones sue me? What if my shot ricochets and hurts or kills one of them? What if his gun turns out to be a walkie-talkie, a misidentification that happened outside my campus’s library last year, and I shoot my student dead for possession of an unusual electronic device? In these scenarios, some more outlandish than others, teachers become soldiers, and schools become liable when students aren’t protected in such circumstances as a shooting.
   But legal liability isn’t the reason I will never carry a firearm into a classroom. If it’s my responsibility to shoot someone to protect 25 others, I will have been drafted unwillingly into an ideological army to protect the rights of some civilians to own and operate military-style weapons. And I will not be conscripted.
Translation: I am such a pathetic, dogmatic orifice that I would rather see all my students killed than concede that guns are good for self-defense.
   You are a loathsome human being.
   You want to know the reason I don't carry a gun? Because it's not worth it because we live in a ridiculously safe country in an age of ridiculous safety. Carrying a handgun is a a pain in the ass. Not to mention: you'd have to deal with "progressives"bursting into tears and peeing their pants whenever they caught a glimpse of it. At any rate, it just isn't worth it. Unless you live in a high-crime area, there's insufficient reason to waste the effort. Hell, I like guns. And I damn sure don't want to need one and not have it. But, honestly, the odds of needing one just aren't high enough to justify the effort of carrying one around. But were progressives to admit that, they'd have to admit that firearms aren't really much of a threat (assuming that you're not a member of MS-13). And they damn sure don't want to to admit that.
   But damn...that thing in the Post...awful...

[But oh, God, nothing compared to the searingly stupid comments. Progressives should never try to talk about guns...]


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