Sunday, February 18, 2018

Ohio Court Takes "Transgendered" Teen Away From Parents Who Refused To Let Her Take Hormones

Basically, they refuse to pretend that their daughter is a crypto-male. So the court took her away and placed her with her grandparents. (CNN, of course, refers to her as 'he', and says that "he" "identifies as male," but never mentions the obvious fact that she is actually female). 
   There's no sense, really, in repeating the arguments against this insanity. The left has been gripped by madness, and they very rapidly began using the coercive power of government to enforce their currently-preferred fairy tale. If parents refuse to pretend that patently false things are true, the government will take their children. (Presumably, children's decisions to "identify as" different races will be next, as the tide seems to be turning on that front as well.)
   I'm not even going to go into all this again, except to say: this (among many other things) gives the lie to claims like "we just want you to call us what we want to be called; why make such a big deal about mere words?" No, it isn't what they "just" want at all. They want people to use the words differently so that the meanings change...partially. And they want to use the new incoherent meanings to effect practical policy change. They start with "oh, it's just words and it's just just have to say these false things because our feelings are so delicate...God knows what we might do if you don't..." But then they pretend that the falsehoods they're demanding we say out of politeness are actually true.. And then they want practical policy changes. Like men in women's locker rooms...and taking away your children.
   Extraordinarily consequential changes are being pushed onto society, and rational discussion of these changes is being suppressed by shrieking down anyone who is inclined to point out the absurdity of it all.
   Honestly, I've seen American society do some crazy shit in my lifetime--I still remember when people got hassled and even beaten up for being gay. And I remember the Satanic Panic. But this...I believe that this is the craziest shit of all the crazy shit I've ever seen.


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