Sunday, January 28, 2018

Trump Rejects Feminism Because He's "For Everyone"

Whelp, something else I agree with Trump about.
   He'll get shredded for it, but most Americans--including most American women--both (a) favor equality of the sexes and (b) reject feminism. So it's hardly a weird position. The left in general and feminism in particular tend(s) to react to such facts by making up stories about "false consciousness" and so forth...but the fact is that the irrationalist, extremist fringe of feminism is extremely prominent. Consequently, feminism is no longer merely the position that favors equality of the sexes. (Leftist feminists themselves tacitly agree when they assert, e.g., that feminism is necessarily "intersectional.") There are simply too many extremely vocal anti-liberal feminists for feminism to be a liberal, egalitarian movement anymore. And that's especially true given that there's virtually no criticism of the radical fringe by other feminists. At some point you have to admit that the "fringe" is no longer the fringe, but has become the movement.
   I do understand people who refuse to give up the term to the radicals. But that's not the way I go on the dispute.


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