Friday, January 05, 2018

TDS Watch: Hey, Remember How The Trump Wrestling GIF Was A Threat Against CNN Reporters?

There needs to be a simple term for this new fallacy. something like bogus ad baculum...but not so lame. In its extreme version (the Sarkeesian variation), the "threats" are entirely fabricated. But in the currently-more-popular version, the "threat" is spun out of some actual, minor, vaguely adversarial incident--as when mere verbal disagreement with the PC left is characterized as constituting violence.
   I hate bullies. Like, really hate. Like, am-perfectly-happy-to-punch-them-in-the-head hate. So guys like Trumpo disgust me. But seriously...if I have to choose between (i) bullies and (ii) effete, simpering weenuses who are pusillanimous as a matter of principle...well, damn...I might just have to flip a coin. It's slave morality, I tell ya.


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