Monday, January 15, 2018

Margaret Atwood: "Am I A Bad Feminist?"

Props to Atwood.
   In certain abstract terms, this is all easy: sexual harassment is bad. Due process is good. And that's about all there is to it.
   But the devil's in the details, I guess.
   And the practical details are obscured by the contemporary feminist tendency to pretend that even the most minor infelicities are tantamount to sexual harassment, and that sexual harassment is tantamount to rape. Then, of course, there's the left's tendency just to make shit up.
   Anyway, advocating for due process for Galloway doesn't mean that you don't want him to suffer the consequences if he's guilty. The other side points out that only Galloway's right (or whatever it is in an institutional context) to due process is being publicly defended. However, it's only his due process rights that we know to have been violated. Perhaps it'd be better not to emphasize Galloway's right (or whatever it is), and better to emphasize that due process is an impersonal obligation of the institution: it's the best procedure for arriving at a rational conclusion. Applying that thought to this case: arguing for due process is not the same thing as advocating for Galloway.


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