Thursday, January 18, 2018

Decent Side-Kick Drill Tutorial

IMO the side-kick is radically underrated when it comes to actual fights. MMA has been great for advancing our chop socky knowledge, but it's still just a sport. And, like any sport, it's not the same as an actual fight. One of the unrealistic things about it is: nobody wears shoes. My view is that, if you're using the sole of your shoe as a striking surface, even if it gets blocked, it's likely to do damage--even fight-ending damage.
   But some of my high opinion of side-kicks is undoubtedly idiosyncratic: it's a type of kick that comes fairly naturally to me (whereas round kicks are not my forte). And you kinda gotta go with what you're good at. So I throw a lot of side-kicks, back side-kicks, and spinning side-kicks. I'll occasionally throw Thai kicks or front kicks to mix it up and keep people honest (in sparring, I mean)...but a good fast side-kick is a good weapon.
   Anyway, this is really basic, but not bad.
   tl;dr: side-kicks FTW


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