Sunday, January 07, 2018

Carolina 49 - UVA 61

Good game, 'Hoos.
That was just a whuppin'.
Another whuppin', that is.
   Carolina had more turnovers (19) than made field goals (16), if you can believe that.
Losses on the road to UVA and FSU (the latter by one point) wouldn't, by themselves, be all that much cause for alarm. But together with the massacre at the hands of MSU, and the (convincing) loss to the Dean Dome...well...things aren't looking great for our heroes, ah tell you hwhut. 
   Now Seventh Woods is on the DL, and Felton isn't a reliable backup for Berry yet. Everybody knows about Luke Maye now...and so he's not nearly the threat he used to be. And I guess it's time to admit that Theo, God love 'im, is never going to learn how to shoot. And Berry can't do everything every time.
   Oh well...Go Tar Heels, beat BC!


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