Monday, December 18, 2017

The Decline Of The Campus And Who's To Blame

Repeating myself yet again, but I'm pretty sure of this:
The humanities can't and shouldn't be defended until they're worthy of defense. The idea that the humanities are inherently full of shit is false. But they're currently full of shit. Well, largely, full of it (if  'largely full' makes any sense). Until they stop it, defenses against charges of (current, localized) bullshittery are sophistical. The humanities are packed bullshit methods of reasoning and deranged politics--the former typically in service of the latter. They probably make a lot of students dumber than when they went in. 
And a lot of this goes for the social sciences as well.
And it goes double for the scholarly wasteland of the inherently political x studies departments that have one foot in each domain.


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