Monday, December 18, 2017

Free Speech On Campus: UT Free Speech Rock

What does one do about things like swastikas, racial slurs, and 'white pride'? I mean, of course: without infringing on anyone's freedom of speech. 'White pride' seems to me to be different than 'It's okay to be white.' The latter is perfectly innocuous; it had to be to achieve its purpose, i.e. exposing the anti-white racism of the PC left. OTOH, 'white pride' is a known white supremacist (in the actual sense of 'white supremacist') slogan. That doesn't mean that it's not protected speech--just that those two things are different. Can someone paint over the slogan? I guess some of this depends on what conventions govern expression on the rock? Of course there's the noble and time-honored Brandeisian response: more speech. That's obviously wanted. As in "White Power!" / "Bite Me." I don't like to think like this, but, just strategically: you can't let the Klantards goad you into over-reacting. Of course the crazy right and the crazy left gain power from overreacting to each other. The non-crazies have to try to interfere with that feedback loop, I'd say...but I do think it's a complicated issue. I certainly don't have the answers, especially not the tactical ones.


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