Sunday, December 03, 2017

"Crash Override": Zoe Quinn And Myths Of Misogyny

The Post story on Zoe Quinn et al. and their new book.
   No need to read any of the below to find out most of what you need to know about Zoe Quinn, PC bullshitter. Just watch this.
   I don't particularly believe in misogyny--or, to be more precise, I don't believe that hatred of women is a major force in human life. I do think that disrespect (or at least a lack of respect...which may be different) for them is a major force--but (though the term makes room for that particular meaning) that's not what the term is used to mean.

   But this bullshit is kind of a case study in misogyny mythology. Zoe Quinn is a liar and a bullshit artist. She and her fellow SJWs used online harassment (some real, some fabricated) to advance their PC agenda in gaming journalism (and beyond). As I've written before, Quinn cheated on her boyfriend, and he posted about it on an obscure discussion board. (He has evidence to back up his claims about cheating, incidentally.) When women post about their cheating boyfriends and husbands--even in very public places--they're (often, at least) hailed as heroes. Quinn's bf was vilified by the SJW mafia--posting about cheating girlfriends, you see, is misogyny. (Incidentally, one of the bf's complaints was the Quinn had used her PC views to obscure her personal shittiness.) Quinn then claimed online harassment--and this was then used by Quinn and the journalistic SJWs to further advance their political program. Thus Gamergate was born. It was, in part, an objection to the incestuous relationships between people like Quinn and those who were reviewing and advancing their games in gaming publications. But that was never of much interest to me. More importantly, it was a reaction against SJWs who had taken over games journalism and were pushing political correctness on gamers. Much like regular journalists push it in the NYT, on CNN, etc. We're not talking about fighting sexism here--we're talking about pushing the extremist anti-liberal PC agenda. In particular in this case: constant bashing of "gamers" as pathetic, misogynist losers...and pushing a program of basically re-engineering gaming to make it more PC. [But the SJWs did what they always do: they shrieked that opposition to their anti-liberal political position was misogyny / rape culture / racism / etc. etc. etc.]

   Look, if people have to dig through more than about a half an inch of facts and arguments to get to the truth, they're just not going to do it. If you don't believe that Quinn (who, we're told in the Post story, now calls herself queer) is a scumbag who fabricated a lot of the alleged harassment, watch the five minute clip of Candace Owens talking to Dave Rubin, above.
tl;dw: Owens started a Kickstarter for a project to track and dox harassers. ZQ immediately contacted her with a nonsensical cover story about how it would "ruin everything" if harassers were identified. Gee...why on earth would the alleged target of massive harassment be averse to those harassers being doxxed? That's a real head-scratcher, eh? About ten minutes after Owens refused, she began to be harassed from accounts named things like 'whitemanforTrump6969'. Her Kickstarter was cancelled, and somebody contacted the major media...which, on top of everything else, as she notes, were not interested in what really happened...they were interested in spinning it in favor of the prevailing progressive myth about Gamergate.
   But the central thesis of political correctness is that advancing leftist politics is more important than learning the truth--and so we get books like Crash Override.


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