Tuesday, November 28, 2017


Gamergate--you know, the evil Satanic misogynistic...uh...I dunno...rape culture or something...movement? Well...IT GAVE US TRUMP!!!
My absolute favorite part about anti-Gamergate propaganda is the part where they just keep saying that Zoe Quinn's boyfriend started it all off by viciously attacking her online. Zoe Quinn is a a scumbag. She cheated on her boyfriend left and right. He posted a few agonized posts about it. Women do this sort of thing online all the time, and are turned into heroes for it (see, e.g., Joss Whedon's wife...) Quinn continues to be a scumbag...and continues to be heroified by the PC press. It's interesting that one of Quinn's bf's complaints about her was that she used a bunch of PC/social justice mumbo-jumbo as a smokescreen for her scumbaggery. Thomas Pogge's accuser made the exact same argument against him...though instead of posting her essay on an obscure discussion board, she published the essay in a semi-hemi-demi-respectable venue. Published it. She's a hero, and Pogge is in the doghouse. (Perhaps justifiably.) But in the other case, Quinn is the hero, and her bf is in the doghouse. Women who reveal their bf's infidelities online are heroes; men who do so are villains. If it weren't for double standards, the PC left would have no standards at all. 
   None of this is to deny that there were some assholes who harass people--often women--online. Nor that there were some assholes who harassed people--often women--during Gamergate. But Gamergate simply wasn't some kind of organized campaign of misogyny. It was primarily an upheaval against politically correct douchebaggery in games journalism. But you know what happens when you criticize the PCs--you're a racist. Or a misogynist. Or a "homophobe". Or some other canned SJW ad hominem. Must be convenient to have a canned defense against any attack on your intellectually and morally bankrupt douchebaggery...


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