Friday, October 27, 2017

The Strange Case Of The Racially Insensitive Corn Pops

So it turns out that some Corn Pops boxes were "racially insensitive"...
   No, really...the really weird thing about this is that, unlike the vast majority of such claims anymore...this one was pretty right. The only brownish corn pop on the box was a janitor. Seriously? It...doesn't take a degree in feminist mime theory to sniff that one out. It's not exactly Jim Crow II: The Poppening...but it's not really nothing at all, either.
   But also it's all weird because this guy points out that it's not cool, and Kelloggs is all like: our bad. And then he's all like cool thanks bye. A...weirdly reasonable little bit of public discussion about a representation of race...and on Twitter...  Ehhh...Kelloggs makes some silly pro forma obeisances to "diversity and inclusion"...which...have nothing to do with any of's just the current catch-all jargon...but whatevs. Any reasonableness at all in this kind of discussion, even with respect to such a minor matter, is too welcome for me to get too picky about it.
(Via...Instapundit...  So sue me.)


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