Sunday, October 01, 2017

"Inside The Legal Labyrinth Of A College Rape Case"

I thought this was really interesting.
   Not sure why, really. It didn't differ much from several other accounts I've read. One of the most interesting things about it was that, after the accusation is made public, two other women come forward to accuse the same person. When that happens, I personally find it difficult to continue to suspend belief about the accused's guilt. But then it turns out that the other accusers are so unconvincing that the accuser's lawyers won't even put them on the stand...though the lawyers continues to refer to them in public statements. Finally the accused's lawyers force them to stop doing that. Then the accuser makes false accusations against the police, claiming that they asked her paradigmatically humiliating questions...but it turns out that the incidents are all taped. So...she lied even while being recorded... Then her lawyer alters pictures of her from after the incident, to make hickeys look like bruises... Though RealClearInvestigations plays it all pretty straight, after all is said and done, both the accuser and her lawyer seem pretty nutty.


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