Thursday, April 13, 2017

Forced Sterilization for "Transgender" People...In Order to Change Sex On Birth Certificate

So initially I was horrified by this.
Then I followed the link here and was doubly horrified when I saw the headline: "European Court Strikes Down Mandatory Sterilization for Transgender People."
   Then I realized that it was largely a typical bit of dishonesty from the NYT/major media: there seems to be no such mandatory sterilization at all...though it's difficult to tell from the story...because so much of it is written in such a way as to distort the issue for political effect.
   Apparently, some European countries require sterilization in order to change the sex on official documents like birth certificates and drivers' licenses. (Contrary to what the headline says, there is no gender listed on drivers' licenses or birth certificates...not in the U.S., anyway, and I'm sure nowhere else. No such document says "masculine" or "feminine." It's sex that they list: male/man, female/woman.)

   Now, as I've noted before, we cannot change someone's sex. We don't have the medical technology. We can do hormone treatment, plastic surgery, and so forth...but we don't currently have the ability to change a male into a female nor vice-versa. I suppose I can see an argument for listing someone as female on their driver's license if they appear to be female...though honestly I'm not sure. Why would we do that? And we certainly shouldn't do it on birth certificates. I mean...maybe we don't want to have such documents at all...maybe it'd be better if the state didn't keep tabs on us all in that way. But, supposing such tab-keeping is wanted, it seems that we should keep the information accurate. One might reasonably say: make it accurate, or don't keep it at all.
   So anyway, as I often think in such cases: meh, we shouldn't be changing such information at all...
   Which may well be true...
   But you still can't bloody well require that people have to get sterilized in order to do it.
   That's crazy and creepy and wrong.
   My own view, as I've said, is that it's not clear that there's any such thing as transgenderism. A man who wants to dress in traditionally womanly ways should knock himself out. And it's basically no one else's business. There's no cosmic link between Y chromosomes and pants, nor vaginas and makeup. These are fashion decisions. The government needs to keep its nose out of fashion decisions.
   Now, if a man thinks he's a woman, or a woman thinks she's a man, then that's something of a problem, in that it's a delusion. But I don't actually believe that many people think that. I think people want to be the other sex, but I think that the claim that they actually believe themselves to be the other sex is a myth propagated for political effect.
   So, anyway, I think people should dress and act however they want, and that the government sticking its nose in is bad--regardless of whether it's falsifying birth certificates or demanding that people be sterilized in order to obtain falsified birth certificates.
   Sometimes it seems to me that people tend to pick the craziest/worst options from each end of the spectrum. Falsify your birth certificate? Sure! But we're gonna have to sterilize ya for it...

(Not that it really stacks up to the other stuff...but I do want to mention again how biased / dishonest the NYT headline is...)


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