Thursday, April 27, 2017

Fascistic "Antifascists" Shut Down Parade In Portland?

   There's plenty of reason to hate "antifas" (lol) without concluding that they were actually behind this nonsense.

   I'm frankly amazed that more ordinary people don't react violently against the mass, politically-motivated violence that's erupted in the last year or so. And, to be honest: almost always from the left. There were the relatively isolated instances in the Trump rallies, sometimes egged on by the candidate himself, of course. But the rest--all the mass, riot-like, violent attacks against people based on their perceived politics--have come from the left. (People try to weasel out of the conclusion that antifas are leftist. But that's sophistry.)
   As citizens, I suppose we've got a kind of agreement...and something like a refrain from using violence lightly, even when it's called for. That is, to leave it to the authorities, when possible. But when the authorities can't or won't handle it, I'm inclined to think that we've got an obligation to meet violence with violence. Such obligations fall more heavily on those of us who are larger and stronger and more comfortable with physical confrontation--I'm not saying that 100 lb. women need to be mixing it up with these thugs.
   But this insanity just can't be tolerated. The "antifas" are themselves fascists in the loose sense that's relevant here. They're bullies at the least. And that means: they'll continue to intimidate and attack people until it's not enjoyable to them anymore. So long as they're mostly doing the the hitting and others are mostly doing the running, they'll be happy, and they'll keep it up. That's what they enjoy about it. If we want to change their actions, we have to change the inputs to their calculations. What they want to do is some recreational ass-kicking. They receive, in return, only occasional and sporadic counter-ass-kickings. Since counter-ass-kickings tend to prevent/crowd-out aggressive ass-kickings, the thing to do is increase the odds of the former. Antifas, like other bullies, seek soft targets and easy opportunities. They have no interest whatsoever in attacking the annual Delta Force picnic. In my experience, there's only one way to deal with bullies, and that's: kick their asses for them. In this case, we not only have ordinary personal obligations to engage in counter-violence, we also, I think, have a duty to our country to do so. We simply can't tolerate roving bands of fascist "anti-fascists" shutting speakers down and beating people up.


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