Tuesday, March 14, 2017

The Absolute Worst Article On Political Correctness I've Read In A Long Time: John Warner: "On Political Correctness As The New Campus Religion"

My God this is a giant pile of bullshit.
   It's pretty appalling that Inside Higher Ed would publish it. I mean, I agree that big-time college sports is a matter of concern. But it's completely irrelevant to the issue of the threat posed to the university by the radical campus left.
   The entire thing is a giant tu quoque deployed as a red herring: the left isn't a threat to the university because big-time sports are also a threat. So don't worry about the campus left.
Bullshit. Total bullshit. Unequivocal bullshit. Dishonest bullshit. Dangerous bullshit.
   One of the things that make PC dangerous is that it has so many academic sophists dedicated to defending (and promoting) it. Faculty has always been vaguely at odds with sports. But many, many faculty are on the side of PC--in fact, they're the source of it.
   I'm not going to waste time refuting this nonsense. Even if college sports were religion-like too--and they kind of are in a way--it would not mean that PC isn't. And Warner's claim that PC is an effect of students growing up under conditions of scarcity is just absurd. Today's students have, on average, grown up under conditions of plenty. And Warner does nothing to prove that his all-purpose, generic, quasi-Marxist explanation actually explains the phenomenon. He just asserts it. And even if it were the right explanation, it wouldn't in any way mean that PC isn't a threat and shouldn't be fought.
   Just a terrible, terrible, terrible article, and another example of PC apologism.

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