Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Rachel Maddow Has Trump's Tax Returns?

   I used to like her a lot, but now basically can't watch her at all. Has she gotten smugger? Leftier? Am I just crankier? Righter? Is it just one of those once you see it things? I am easily annoyed...
   At any rate, I reckon I can stand a bit of Maddow exposure to check out this spectacle...it's prolly gonna require cracking open that new bottle of Knob Creek rye...but...if I gotta, I gotta.
   Please let this be true.

[It was a nothingburger. A nothingburger sandwich. A nothingburger sandwich souffle. A nothingburger sandwich souffle with a side of nothing...
Maybe even kinda sorta a wee victory for Trump?
Serves me right for believing Maddow I reckon.]


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