Tuesday, March 14, 2017

J. J. Reddick Joins Push To Put Civility Back In College Basketball

I've been fretting about this crap for a long time--props to J. J. for taking up this cause. I don't really have it in me to support something called "Dove Men+Care"...and I expect enough guys have the same hangup that that's going to be a problem...but anyway, this needs to be done in some form.
   There was just a big battle on Inside Carolina about the "overrated" chant against Duke's Harry Giles. I was on the side that thought it sucked, and wish we hadn't done it--as allegedly was Roy, who stopped the chant. Dean used to do the same thing. (Saw him silence a "bullshit" chant after a bad call in the Dean Dome once. One guy shut up 21,000 people almost instantly with a wave of his arms...Dean had magical powers I tell ya'...)

   Anyway, I like J. J.--he was a jackass his first coupla years (though, as he says, it may have been a defense mechanism), but I thought he was ok after that. Sweet stroke, too, obviously. And boy was he a thorn in our side. I thought about sending that kid a graduation card when he finally left.
   Anyway, he's right about this. Nothing wrong with good-natured ribbing But things have gotten out of hand, especially among certain fan bases (Maryland fans in particular have a bad reputation, though I've never seen a game there). I was kinda glad to see the offending fan ejected after Pitino You S-U-C-Kgate...though I guess I don't think "you suck" is all that bad. (And "you s-u-c-k" is even less-bad, I reckon..) But I think Carolina ought to be a cut above with respect to civility.
   So...good work, J. J., and good luck. You are gonna need it.


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