Sunday, March 05, 2017

Carolina 90 - Duke 83

Carolina played very tentatively, and Jackson had a bad night, but but Hicks was great and Berry was a monster.

   Oh yeah, and: ten years to the day after Henderson's intentional foul broke Hansbrough's nose, Grayson Allen intentionally elbowed Brandon Robinson upside the head. Should have been a flagrant and an ejection. Oh, yeah--and Allen was flopping (by throwing his head back, as he does several times every game) even as he committed the foul against Robinson. How Duke gets away with this shit I simply cannot understand. Any other team in the country would have a reputation for thuggery. Somehow it all seems to slide right off of Duke.
   OTOH, Kennard and Jefferson are great, and strangely unhateable. Y'know...for d00kies...


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