Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Thanks For Nothing, Electoral College

   lol Democrats
   Can't even convince GOP electors not to vote for an entirely unqualified moron.
   Can't prevent the Dems from voting for Mumia...
   (Ok, ok...tbf, three of them actually voted for Colin Powell...only one voted for a Ms. Spotted Eagle.)
(Colin Powell...can you imagine? Our doppelgangers in a nearby possible world are headed for Colin Powell presidencies, Lindsey Graham presidencies, Jeb Bush presidencies...and they're bitching about it the whole way. My doppelganger's over there shrieking like he lost a leg about president-elect Jeb!.  Dumbass. Our timeline basically got president-elect Mayor McCheese. Count yer blessings, numbnut. Even all y'all who are looking at the second term for president Mittens got lucky. Your America still has its dignity...)
   Anyway. So much for the EC protecting us against the unqualified...the demagogic...those indebted to foreign powers... In 15 years it's given us (a) a barely-qualified president who led us into the worst foreign policy catastrophe since Vietnam, and (b) a completely unqualified, mentally unstable moron backed by a Russian autocrat. Nice work, Electoral College! Is this how it's going to be? All of the downside, none of the up? If Trump doesn't activate your Electoral College powers...well...exactly what kind of lunatic are you waiting for, one wonders?


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